Waiding in on IRREDEEMABLE

irreI know this is a bit tardy, but since Issue #2 isn’t out yet I figured I could get this in.

This book is worth is getting just to read Grant Morrison’s afterword, which was so fun to read as to be pleasurable.

The book itself, is a good, but is off to a slightly rocky start for me.

Mark Waid is, of course, an A-List talent, and the book isn’t bogged down by dicey art like many BOOM! books. In fact Peter Krause’s art is more than competent, no glaring weaknesses that take you out of the story.

The story’s initital flashback sequence was a bit clumsy and initially confusing. Yes, I’m complaining I was forced to think too hard to figure it out. The story seemed a little disjointed like it was rushed or thrown together.

There is a chance Mr. Waid felt the sense of upheaval is appropriate to the book, which would be true, but for me it came acrosse disjointed and/or rushed. I but wasn’t entirely captivated by the supporting staff or their cause, and was a bit uncertain about some details, the but it is a first issue, and I’d except these to be filled in as the series goes along. There are however some great lines in this book.

I’m a bit put off by the hype surrounding the originality of the theme, super man gets annoyed or goes nuts, since it’s been done before, most notablly and recently in Supreme Powers, and even Miller’s “Dark Knight”. And while Irredeemable obviously takes a slightly different take on the theme, it is not entirely new.

Other than that, this book is above average comic book fare, and fresh (thank god). I like and am hopeful for where this book is going.

Story/Art: B/B-
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Updated: May 4, 2009 — 12:56 pm

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