The Incredibles #2

The Incredibles: Family Matter #2 (of 4) (Boom! – Waid / Takara)

Mark Waid writes The Incredibles! Mr. Incredible faces his most dangerous challenge yet—the loss of his powers! Is it psychological? Is it an alien virus? Is it just old age? Summoning up all courage, Mr. Incredible takes a terrifying trip to Doc Sunbright, an eccentric doctor who treats superheroes!

So what does a superhero do when he isn’t so super anymore? That is the new dilemma faced by Mr. Incredible. How is he going to fit in with the super-community? How will he fit in the non-super community? How will his family take it? Our bigger-than-life hero spends most of the issue trying to hide his new non-powered self.

After a heart to heart with Frozone and a trip to the doctor (Edna’s brother), Bob faces facts and has to start dealing with not being super. From the opening of the issue with Bob needing help to open a pickle jar to the end scene of him being taken off of active duty, The Incredibles: Family Matters delivers!

In this second issue, Marcio Takara’s art seems less blocking and is growing on me more. The artist’s competent use of splash pages and montages help move the story along and the while it is assumed there was literally tons of stock images to go from, it still has to be noted all of the characters are visually dead on.

In Boom!’s present monthly line-up Waid shows how wide his writing can go, from the dark feel of Irredeemable to the family-friendly continuation of the Incredible’s adventures… all excellent and purchase worthy!

For any fan of the movie, the series (or the upcoming trade) is a must!

Issue grade: Family Friendly A

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Updated: May 19, 2009 — 1:32 pm

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