Buck Rogers #0 – not a good start!

Buck Rogers #0 (Dynamite – Beatty / Rafael)

Join us as we present comicdom’s first hero — Buck Rogers… the first man out of time… the first man to be taken out of his present environment and put into the future!

Join us… for a waste of your time and a quarter!

A zero issue is supposed to draw you into a series, make you want it, make you want to put it at the top of your pull list. All this interpretation of Buck Rogers did was remind me Sci-fi’s lame attempt at Flash Gordon a year or two ago.

I understand that Buck Rogers is supposed to be melodramatic science fiction pulp, but the opening of Buck fighting off sentient space amoebas and single handedly turning away the entire invading fleet was a bit much… even for a James Bond of galaxy. While being family-friendly, there wasn’t anything intelligent or charming about it at all.

This preview issue didn’t do the ongoing series any favors.

art: C

story F

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Updated: October 8, 2010 — 10:22 am

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