War of Kings #1

War of Kings #1 (of 6) (Marvel – Abnett / Lanning / Pelletier / Magyar / Quintana)

In the aftermath of the Secret Invasion, Black Bolt has led the Inhumans on a shockingly savage path to restore their strength and security. But that path has brought them into direct confrontation with the Shi’Ar Empire – and their mad ruler Vulcan! Who will get in the first strike? Who will fall on the bloody battlefield? Who will rule? The Imperial Guard, the Starjammers, the Inhuman Royal Family and more of your favorite sci-fi characters are locked on a collision course…and it all starts here! Join the acclaimed team
of Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (NOVA) and Paul Pelletier (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) for a pivotal turning point in Marvel’scosmic history!

We pick up following the Starjammer racing towards Kree space, fleeing a Shi’ar Super Destroyer hot on their tail. Once the Kree Border Shield goes down and back up, the Starjammer is safely through and the Shi’ar Super Destroyer ends up a pancake on the outside.

The agreement previously made during the Secret Invasion is being prepared for, the marriage of Crystal of the Inhumans and Ronan the Accuser of the Kree. Crystal and Polaris are preparing for the ceremony. During their catching up, Crystal explains how she sees this marriage solely as a diplomatic matter and that there couldn’t be any kind of personal relationship. Ronan overhears this and appears genuinely hurt. While this is happening, Lilandra, who was aboard the Starjammer, pleads with Black Bolt and Medusa for asylum. She tells them that whether they grant her asylum or not, Vulcan will surely look to conquer Kree space. Medusa replies by essentially saying to let them come and face the Inhumans. And the Shi’ar do. The Shi’ar Imperial Guard crash the wedding and battle ensues. There is a brief fight between Black Bolt and Gladiator, which hopefully foreshadows more for later in the storyline. The Shi’ar snatch Lilandra and leave as quick as they showed up with a fallen Accuser and Medusa screaming for vengeance!

This book is exciting, but it is missing something. I don’t know if I am comparing this book to the previous cosmic megastories, but the next issue needs to pick it up a little bit. There is utter upheaval in the extraterrestrial universe, and it doesn’t seem like it too much. I have not kept up on the Vulcan stuff, but as Gladiator alludes to, how are all of the Shi’ar following a human? Not sure I agree. There are some crippling injuries in this book that could have major firepower implications for the “good guys.” Ch’od tries to save Lilandra as the Shi’ar are phasing her away and loses his hand. Ronan is crushed by a giant and Gorgon gets his leg blown off. The Shi’ar have dealt a severe blow to the Inhumans/Kree, but I am hoping that Maximus has something stored away to demolish the Shi’ar.

Issue Grade: B+

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:17 pm

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