Salem’s Daughter #0

Salem’s Daughter #0 (Zenescope)

You have heard the ghost stories of the past… The hauntings of late 19th Century New England towns, the voodoo tales of the late 1800s Louisiana, even the monster stories of the Old West. Now they all come alive in this incredible new series from Zenescope Entertainment.

The Salem witch trials of 1692 resulted in the hangings of 19 women and men. Over the years most came to realize that the trials were perhaps done in haste with no hard evidence of witchcraft being used by any of those accused. Circa 1890, almost two hundred years later, Anna Williams is living a rather uneventful life in Essex County, Massachusetts.

Hardcore refined horror at it’s best… read below!

But there is a secret her mother has kept for a very long time. Anna is a direct descendant of one of Salem’s accused and there is more to the beautiful girl than meets the eye… much more. Now Anna is just beginning to discover her incredibly unique powers and knows her life will never be the same as she reluctantly decides to follow her true calling. In a world where ghost and monster stories are all too real, Anna finds herself teamed up with a hardened and bitter gunslinger named Braden Cole as the two journey from town to town in order to help those who need it and to stop evil before it spreads out of control.

Salem’s Daughter wasn’t what I was expecting at all. I have been a long-time fan of the Zenescope horror books, and I guess I was expecting more of that “fractured fairy tale” type beginning. Well, no fluff here! We start right in on an old west partnership that is part Buffy, part medium and part random Clint Eastwood western. A combat-experienced but good-intentioned cowboy and a witch who can see “bad things” and together they try to fix the world. Lots of action, lots of fighting, lots of hot females demons… :). Even with the adventure feel and the eye candy, Salem’s Daughter keeps both feet planted firmly in the horror genre.

This was a fantastic issue #0, it gave a feel for the series without giving away too much.

The only thing that really caught me off guard was that if this preview issue is any indication of what is to come, it looks like Zenescope might be moving their line on “eye candy” a little further away in the sand. This issue’s succubus and her surrounding hell furies were as hot as anything Zenescope has put out. And I would just hate to see their incredible story-telling out shined by gorgeous she-demons.

Overall, a fantastic horror piece and I can’t wait for the series to truly begin!

Issue Grade: A

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Updated: March 30, 2009 — 10:28 pm

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