Proof #18 – a year and a half of awesomeness!

Proof #18 (Image – Grecian / Rossmo / Casey / Tindall)

“JULIA,” Part One – SASQUATCH AND STEAMPUNK! Proof’s a young man in 1860 London. Springhel Jack is murdering prostitutes and he may be hiding out in the circus sideshow where Proof is a featured attraction. But Proof’s mind is on something else: the beautiful “Baboon Lady,” Julia.

Just like the title says, a year and a half later and the Proof gang hasn’t dropped a crumb. Arc after arc, Alex Grecian and company have taken us on a trip worth reading and buying… each and every issue!

We have transitioned out of the “Thunderbirds” storyline into this flashback arc filling in some of the gaps for our characters.  In the present, we have Proof and Ginger visiting the Institution of Forensic Medicine in Oslo, tracking the corpse of Julia, apparently a long lost love of Proof’s. Most of the issue takes place in London, 1859. What was Proof up to? or should I say Gulliver?

Not only do we track Proof, but we get some cameos from the regular cast – namely Mi-Chen Po and the Dover Demon. You know, I could on and on about the beautifully woven tale, the genius layout of the pages, the story’s ability to balance both the immediate issue and the overall history of the book, Riley Rossmo’s stylized art that I wouldn’t get tired of after a thousand pages… but the bottom line is Proof is the most consistently excellent book on the racks!  One of the only books that I would not blink if their cover price went up.

Plus the bonus of a 2-page snippet of Archie Snow, number one on my list of characters I want to know more about.

Issue Grade: a resounding, glorious A

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Updated: March 31, 2009 — 7:56 pm

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