Of Human Flesh and tentacles – this week’s horror books from Boom!

Boom! Studios had several releases this week that would fall under the horror genre, so I decided to do one mighty post…

Fall of Cthulhu: Apocalypse (Boom! – Nelson / Santolouco)

Cthulhu is here! And things will never be the same. So join The Big “C” himself, Nyarlathotep, Harlot, Lucifer and Raymond as they all face off in a battle that will decide the fate off all mankind. If you have not been reading this book, this is the issue to get!
So, it’s the final issue of this war of the gods. Not really the thing to jump into, but if you get into Lovecraft mythos, this series is the squid’s ink. The big four elder gods have themselves a showdown and the series shows through the strategic battle through the eyes of a few mortal players. The story is solid, or at least as solid as something set within a Cthulhu framework. Michael Alan Nelson proves he could be a novel writer with the details he gives and from the fact that the story framework is consistent from beginning to end. Mateus Santolouco may have a little bit more to prove. Yes, I know that splotchy, flowing art fits this sort of abstract horror tale, but some of the frames looked more lazy and less style.
Issue grade: C+
this grade will be much higher for those of you wearing your “green”- colored glasses.
For me, Apocalypse was the weakest offering this week, please check below!
Zombie Tales # 12 (Boom! Heisserer / Brill / Soll / Rock / Cypress)
Artist Toby (KILLING GIRL, RODD RACER) Cypress teams with writer Ian Brill to tell the story of “The Mixed-Up Zombies Who Started Living and Became Incredibly Strange People!”, while Eric Heisserer and Jeremy Rock introduce us to a very sober—and extra-horrifying—method of police investigation with “Crime Scene Reanimation.”
I am not always a fan of this zombie anthology series, simply because of the anthology angle, you pay for the cruddy story as well as for the good one. Well, this month Zombie Tales provides three excellent short stories for your horror pallet. Finish Line, a comic story of redneck fun after z-day, The Mixed-Up Zombies… ( you got the title above), which is more of a serious look at the sentient zombie and Crime Scene Animation, which was CSI in a post zombie America… totally rockin’! All of them well worth your time! This issue is an excellent example of what a horror anthology should be!
Issue grade: A
Necronomicon TPB (Boom! – Messner-Loebs / Ritchie)
The fate of the world hangs in the balance as a lowly college student must fight to keep the Necronomicon’s magic from unleashing the vengeance of the Old Ones—and turning the entire Middle East into a raging cauldron of mystical power that will rule the Earth!
This trade re-prints Boom!’s series from earlier in ’08.  I am a huge fan of William Messner-Loebs’ writing style, and while he is not known working in the horror genre, he is still a phenomenal narrator.  And his yarn of the Book of Dead is quite gripping.  The artist, Andrew Ritchie, gives a very heavy inked blocky style which seems to fit this dark tale but does get a bit tiresome (at least for me) after a 100 pages or so.  But, if you are on the “I love Lovecraft” bandwagon, Necronomicon is a no-brainer for you!
Grade: Solid B
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