Justice Society of America #24

Justice Society of America #24 (DC – Johns / Ordway)

“Black Adam and Isis” part 2 and featuring an “Origins and Omens” backup! The Justice Society faces off against a fully powered Black Adam and his wife, Isis, for control of the Rock of Eternity. But when Mary Marvel enters the fray, will she side with the Justice Society or join the Black Marvel family?

When you look at the stats of this book, there should be so much to enjoy; Great characters, Great villains – Black Adam has always been one of the best DC baddies and the new improved “out for vengeance” Isis is rockin’ too! Well-know creators that have outstanding track records…

So why is this book so “meh”?

Maybe because Geoff Johns is really interested in his new Flash book and his run on JSA is ending, so instead of going out on a high note, he’s calling it in? maybe?

The art is fine, but to be honest it’s never been the art that has brought people to the JSA book, it’s the writing. And right now the writing is weak!  This was a re-hash of the new Captain Marvel mini, an origin of the modern Captain Marvel (Billy) and a quick origin on Black Adam… yawn.   Mary Marvel is still messed up… yawn.  There’s a few small throw-downs, but nothing eye-popping… yawn.  Another boring and useless “Origins and Omens” back-up… sleeping.  Come on DC, this should be a flagship book, bring on the quality!

Issue Grade: C-

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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