Supreme Apologies

Michael J. Strazynski Apologist
By Chris Keefe

So, you all know I’m not a Strazynski apologist or even a fan. In fact I tend to approach all his projects with a certain reserve and skepticism (this on accounta the derivative nature of ‘Babylon 5’).

Now, here’s the problem. Two of my favorite Marvel books, THOR and THE TWELVE are written by Strazynski. Hmm, weird. And to make matters worse, I recently read his first “Supreme Power” Maxi-Series, mostly because of Gary Frank’s art and the nudity, but you know what? It was actually pretty good.

So, now, I gotta rethink stuff, right? I am taking Michael J. Strazynski off my over-rated writer list and putting him onto my recommended writers list. If you’re not reading THOR, you’re missing out on a real treat. Something very fresh and new, and Loki is turning out to be a real villain again, plus the book pays homage and adheres to the storylines that have come before his (the respectable ones). If you’re not reading THE TWELVE you really should. It’s another re-imagining, revamping of old pulp heroes. It updates and humanizes 1940’s pulp heroes awoken from suspended animation after 60 years. Yeah, a bit of a cliché, but Strazynski makes it work and work well and it is engaging.

Then, when you’re done with those, head out to your local comic shop and ask for the SUPREME POWERS trade paperbacks, there’ll be 2. We’ve seen this story before, and it’s true it is a bit derivative, which was my initial problem with Strazynski, but he manages to catch something fresh in the retelling. Again, very human characters, very character driven, things that happen makes sense, and the are told in a well paced dramatic way. Gary Frank’s art is awesome as usual (and if you like it is SP go get his recent issues of ACTION comics!).

So, my apoligies to Michael J. Strazynski for not being an apologist sooner. I will be looking forward to all his future projects and you should too.

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Updated: February 3, 2009 — 7:31 pm

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