Superman #684

Superman #684 (DC – Robinson / Merino / Ross)

“In this “New Krypton”epilogue and “Faces of Evil”issue, the crisis on Earth between Kryptonians and humans has been averted for now, but the threat of the Parasite remains very, very real!”

It would be easy to say that DC nothing but a has-been universe, especially given that Final Crisis sucked harder than a Hoover. The people saying that are obviously not going a step beyond the mega-events. Books like Action Comics, Superman, and Green Lantern are still story driven character studies studded with high octane action.

Which brings me to Superman #684. Although not advertised as such, this is a great epilogue to the New Krypton story arc. It starts with some great insight into the villain Parasite, and ends with one of the biggest shockers in comics.

Alura has taken her husbands roll as leader of New Krypton, and is making some decisions that will rock Superman to his very core. If after reading this issue you are confused on why this is such a bog deal. Go read Geoff John’s first run on Action and you’ll see why this reveal is Earth shattering.

Grade: B+

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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