Star Wars: Legacy #32

Star Wars: Legacy #32 ( Dark Horse / Ostrander / Francia / Anderson )

“Darth Krayt’s program to exterminate the Mon Calamari is still in progress, with only the Mon Cal Rangers standing between the refugee populace and certain doom. Now a Sith scientist has a new weapon against which the Rangers are powerless.

Faced with a choice between allowing refugees to perish and sacrificing themselves in a fruitless delaying action, the Rangers turn to an unexpected-and reluctant-source for help.”

*Note: The events in this story run concurrently with the events of issues 28-31.

Here is a sign that the editors of the the Star Wars books over at Dark Horse know what their doing.  Issue #32 kicks off a two-issue ride that lets the readers know that the Star Wars universe encompasses an entire galaxy, not just where out heroes are.  There are books that this formula doesnt work on. No one like to pick up a Superman book and not see Superman (hint hint DC Comic), but that isn’t so in the Star Wars universe.  If a Star Wars book wants to move from one story to another (much like they do in the films), it’s okay. Especially when both stories are quality material.

This issue takes us to the planet Dac, where the Mon Calamari in hiding.  If you remember back a few issues, Darth Krayt ordered that ten percent of the Mon Cal species be obliterated, while the remaining ninety percent be placed in work camps.  Well, with an enemy like the Mon Cal’s they will have a liberation front and they will make allies.  That’s what these two issues will be about.

Joining the Mon Cals is an Imperial Knight named Treis Sinide.  He’s an aged knight with experience on his side. What makes him interesting is that he’s not exactly fighting to protect the Mon Calamari, more that he’s fighting against the Sith so that he may put Roan Fel, the rightful emperor, back in power.  He brings a harsh sense of reality to the Mon Cals as he lays out the truth of their situation.  He’s a war time realist, which can be kind of depressing.

Writer John Ostrander keeps the fresh new Star Wars stories coming, while the team of Omar Francia and Brad Anderson make this one pretty book to look at.

Grade: B+

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