so it’s confirmed, Wizard is having Alex Ross’ love child

While this is not news to everyone, those of you that don’t read Wizard on a regular basis might not have caught it.

Is Alex Ross an industry icon? a resounding yes!

Is Jim Krueger a phenomenal creator and possibly one of the nicest guys you will every meet? Without a doubt!

Was Project Superpowers one of the most over-rated series of 2008? YES!

When I was thumbing through the most recent Wizard, I was astounded to see yet another feature article (making this the umpteenth month in a row)
interviewing Alex Ross and dealing with Project Superpower, it’s sequel, it’s spin-offs, etc.  I was just as pumped as everyone was after I read Issue #0, then just as disappointed as everyone when I read the first issue.  This series has not lived up to any of the hype.  From followers of Ross, I have heard all sorts of excuses and explanations as to why it isn’t taking off, “people expect too much”, “wait for the entire series to come out and then read it at one time, it will make more sense then” or “Alex is having a bad month”.  The bottom line is that if Dan Didio hadn’t let Grant Morrison beat the ever-lovin’ crap out of the DCU, Project Superpowers would have held up by fanboys as the most bizarre, hard-to-follow, waste of time of 2008.

And note to Wizard:  You are covering this series under the guise of covering the best of the independent scene… what about Zenescope’s Wonderland? Image’s Proof? Ape’s The Wind Raider? Boom!’s Hexed? or anything by Red 5?  And this is just what I can up with off the cuff… there are so many books out there  worthy of your coverage.  Why don’t you start looking at what the fans are saying, instead of which ways the iconic money wind blows?

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Updated: February 28, 2009 — 10:40 am

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