It’s No SECRET It’s Lame

I’m a bit tardy on this one, and it turns out that’s a good things. Gave me time to edit out my ranting.

So, um.. Secret Invasion is over? How’d we win? The real ‘Secret’ here is what happened to the Ending, our Heroes, who can remember if anyone of them did anything to bring the Invasion to a halt? Anything clever? With any sort of drama? Any sort of Character driven anything? Do you remember when…um. Sure was Wolverinish for him to do…um. Boy Spidey was great when he…(his lines weren’t even clever) Did what? Did what? No one did anything. I guess Thor saved the world by sacrificing the wasp, right? But I don’t really know what he did. When Jean Grey got killed the first time, it was very clear, right there unfolding before us on the page what was happening and why. Secret Invasion was more like a giant “Where’s Waldo” book of the Marvel Universe, one where we were, in addition, searching hard for a plot or drama or a point.

And explain this to me. So, we killed the Skrull Queen. You’re tellilng me the super sneaky, extra redundant, we’ve got unlimited Hank Pyms up our green sleeves, skrulls didn’t have some sort of back-up plan just in case their leader got knocked out? Did all the Skrulls disappear in a puff of green smoke when she got shot? So, these religious, fanatic Super-Skrulls just of gave up instead of fighting on?

Unfortunately, this Invasion was overcome with dramatic poses, not Drama, and ‘Secret Invasion’ was overcome by the same thing also. No Substance.

Oh, but it’s time to start up “Dark Reign”, so that events can once again plod through their course and at the end of the year it can wrap up quickly with no particular heroics or cleverness and we can move into what ever is next.

I liken it to walking up a hill after sledding. Eventually, the effort of walking up the hill AGAIN out weighs the thrill of getting to go down the hill. That’s how I feel about Marvel’s cross overs. It’s like slogging through heavy, wet snow, uphill. Why would I bother making the effort to go up the hill again. My feet are wet and cold.

D. For Dumb, Disappointing, Dubious. The art was nice though, especially at the end when I think we saw some Ink on the pencils.

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:17 pm

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