Dogs of War… best read of the month!

Atomic Robo TPB “Dogs of War” Vol 2 (Red 5 – Clevinger / Wegener / Pattison / Powell)

Eisner-nominated ATOMIC ROBO lands on the front lines of World War II against the science freaks and devastating weird weaponry of Nazi Germany — from invincible walking tanks to atomic-powered weather cannons to the Monster Soldiers of the Third Reich. Can ROBO and THE SPARROW, Britain’s greatest covert operative, complete their mission and turn the tide of the war without killing one another?

This trade coming out next week collects the second set of Atomic Robo adventures. With the “Dogs of War” series, we get a better view of Robo’s historic background and what he has been through. Yes, we still have the high-kickin’, sci-fi pulp adventure revolving around giant monsters, killer robots and doomsday devices, but we also get a glimpse of the “emotional” baggage that Robo has had to carry and what makes him a true hero.

This volume is 152 pages, which includes the 5-issue “Dogs of War” story, several back-up stories, the free comic book day issue, cover gallery and extra art, and is a literal steal at $19.95!  I know with the economy what it is, even us geeks have to do some re-assessing of our monthly comic budget.  But compared to the prices and length of recent trades put out by some of the bigger companies, the quantity and quality of Atomic Robo: Dogs of War is by far the best bet you got going for you.

And for the parents out there wondering, while Robo is a twin-fisted can of “chock o’ adventure”, the family-friendliness of this books ranks right up there with Indiana Jones.  It’s pulpy-goodness meant for the enjoyment of all!

Grade: A – as in it worth putting some of you normal books on hold to get this!

Robo will pop up next in April in issue #1 of Atomic Robo and the Shadow Beyond Time which is available for pre-order now.  ROBO will also return to Free Comic Book Day on May 2.

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Updated: February 20, 2009 — 12:35 pm

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