Wolverine #70, Old Man Logan Part 5

Wolverine #70 (Marvel – Millar / McNiven)

“OLD MAN LOGAN” Fifty years ago the heroes of the Marvel Universe were massacred and as far as Old Man Logan is concerned, WOLVERINE died with them. During that final battle, something happened to Logan…something so traumatic that he hasn’t popped his claws since. Now Logan lives out his days a shell of a man, his warrior spirit long since crushed by the horrible weight of the secret he carries with him. What happened? Finally, the darkest chapter in Logan’s history can be told! MARK MILLAR and STEVE MCNIVEN’s character defining run continues! Part 5 (of 8).

Five issues into this “event” and Mark Millar is still making it more than interesting!  We finally get to see how Wolverine went from assassin hero to pacifist farmer.  Not unlike “Days of Future Past”, this alternate timeline will be talked about for years to come.  Warning — Spoiler below!

So, how do you stop an unstoppable killing force like Logan?  You just point him in a different direction.  In this alternate history, some big baddie has finally organized all the villains of the MU and they come on full force.  So who do they send to take out Wolverine? Everyone you might expect… Sabertooth, Lady Deathstrike, Omega Red, Doctor Octopus… wait a minute… Doc Oc?  Well, it might not be Doctor Octopus, but another classic Spider-man villain ends up being the downfall of Logan.  Stealing a page out of the Kevin Smith / Daredevil series, Mark Millar brings Wolverine to his knees.  We also see what has happened to the legacy of Ant Man and Venom.

Millar keeps this train rolling with an outstanding story and Steve McNiven continues his rise as an artistic force within the House of Ideas.  If you haven’t been getting it, then you want to pre-order the trade.

Issue Grade: A

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