Scarlet Veronica #3

Scarlet Veronica #3 (of 4) (Ape Entertainment – Moody / Ruggles / Barry / Greathouse)

When they say high school is Hell, they aren’t kidding! Zombies attack Romero High and Veronica gets to bash some flesh chuckers, but when a bloodthirsty behemoth uses her arm like a chew-toy, Veronica takes a class in Horror 101!

If they did a Saturday morning cartoon of Buffy and spiced it up a little, you would have Scarlet Veronica. This reluctant hero tale of a teenage girl that has an undead, butt-kickin’ alter ego and a destiny to defend the Earth is nothing less than horrific fun!

Issue #3 sets up Veronica and her team of supernatural misfits as they set to square off against an army of demons and the book of the dead.

The writing isn’t deep, but it’s not meant to be. It’s meant to fast, witty and enjoyable – and it succeeds! Wonderfully campy one-liners and monologues abound in this series. This is tongue-in-cheek zombie booting and demon fighting with just a touch of cartoony cheesecake. And it’s a guaranteed blast!

The first two issues are out, Issue #3 comes out in early February… make sure to contact your local Comic shop and reserve your copy!

Issue grade: B+

Pullbox warning: due to the graphic, even though not realistic, battle scenes- Scarlet Veronica is not for the elementary crowd

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