Doctor Who: The Forgotten #5

Doctor Who: The Forgotten #5 (IDW Publishing – Lee / Guerra / Roche)

It’s the end of the Tenth Doctor’s amnesia… but now he remembers his past, what about his future? Is Martha really who she claims to be? And why does she hold a Chameleon Arch? The mysterious and familiar nemesis finally makes his appearance, and the Doctor finds out where he really is, all in this penultimate issue.

The Forgotten finally comes to a head here.  We do find out who is pretending to be Martha and who the big nemesis has been (as if we didn’t already know!).

To be honest, I was a tad disappointed with the issue as far as the flashback stories.  Okay, maybe just the one flashback story.  I have never really had the gumption to follow the 8th Doctor (Paul McGann), so I didn’t know what to expect there.  And his story was on the level and interesting.  As far as regenerations go, he is the one with the least amount of adventures, so he might be worth turning into a mini-series (hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge IDW).  But the Christopher Eccleston story…  a WWII Christmas Soccer (football) story…blah! It’s too bad, while I thoroughly enjoy David Tennant, I wouldn’t have minded seeing a few more seasons of Eccleston’s Doctor.  I bet Mr. Eccleston is going to steal the show in G.I.Joe (2009) as Destro.

anyways off topic…

This issue had some great moments between the Doctor and “Martha”, but it still fell to the “penultimate curse” and came up a tad short on story for me.

issue grade: B

Series grade: A

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Updated: January 6, 2009 — 1:35 pm

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