Watchmen News!

Russ Fischer over at C.H.U.D has breaking Watchmen news.

“So Fox and Warner Brothers have buried the hatchet. As we guessed, the burial medium is a giant pile of money.

Yesterday word came down that a Notice of Settlement was filed in the case between Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox over Fox’s assertion that it owns distribution rights to Watchmen. And now THR is reporting that WB and Fox have indeed reached a settlement in the case.

No specific terms are available now, but the gist is that the deal involves a substantial payment from WB to Fox, and a percentage of the box office take handed from WB to Fox as well. In other words, pretty much exactly what we’ve expected. Fox will not be a distribution partner (and I’m not sure if you will or will not see the Fox logo in front of the film) and the studio will not own any part of Watchmen going forward.

A joint statement is set for release tomorrow, with THR claiming that both sides will present the settlement to Judge Gary Feess tomorrow before requesting a dismissal of the case.

That leaves us happy, as the film will arrive on March 6th as planned. Producer Larry Gordon is the one squirming right now, as the trade claims that WB may attempt to reclaim the settlement money from him.”

As long as I get my Watchmen in March, I don’t care who gets my money.

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Updated: November 7, 2010 — 9:39 am

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