Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade #1

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade #1 (DC – Walker / Jones)

Meet Linda Lee! She’s the newest kid on the block – and the planet, too! Find out how an ordinary girl from Krypton became the most extraordinary girl on Earth in the pages of this brand new monthly series. And if you think life is tough as a hero, try being in the eighth grade.

As of late I have been ripping on DC a lot for some of it’s fleecing, some of the lame books they are putting out and for Final Crisis being an enigma wrapped up in a bizarre riddle with a heavy price tag. BUT the one thing DC is getting right is it’s family-oriented Johnny DC / DC Kids titles!

Laundry Walker’s take on young Supergirl was a real treat and something all of my daughters (ages 8 through 13) enjoyed. S:CAiEG is based solidly in the DC universe with plenty of cameos (I wonder if the Johnny DC Earth is one of the 52?) and is a great introduction to the DCU for young readers. This book does have a singular linear plot line, which is a tad different from some the other books in the line (i.e., Tiny Titans). And for the worried parent, all the content is family appropriate.

Eric Jones’ art is top notch, simplistic yet eye-popping, and is a perfect style for this young reader title. In fact it reminds me a lot of Christopher Jones’ work …hmmmm a Jones connection?

In any case, Supergirl is a great choice for the early reader looking to get into comics! Think of it as a great option for a possible Stocking stuffer for $2.50.

Grade: A

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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