Booster Gold #15

Booster Gold #15 (DC – Jurgens / Rapmund)

Booster Gold creator Dan Jurgens takes over as writer to kick off the 4-part “Reality Lost” storyline! With the timestream inexplicably altered and Rip Hunter missing, Booster Gold travels into the past to fix the anomaly before they’re wiped out of time forever! Luckily, Booster gets a hand from none other than the Elongated Man!

So now industry legend Dan Jurgens has taken over the reins of History’s greatest hero. This is very promising! I started reading with a down-trodden attitude because this new arc once again has the “been there, seen that” feel to it, in the sense that somehow the time line is screwed up and Booster has to get to the right place at the right time and fix it.  The readers have a sense of the story outline before we even turn the cover.

But fans know Jurgens has the ability to take that expected storyline and make it into something that we are attracted to, and want to get the details on.

It doesn’t hurt my opinion that I have met Dan Jurgens several times at various conventions and I know Dan Jurgens is a very talented individual who puts it out there for the fans… and for good cause, Dan is often seen doing work and raising money for charity events.

The skinny here is that someone has stolen the Time Dagger from the Gotham Museum (as seen in the previous arc) and that has messed up the continuity. Booster is headed in the right direction, but is found out by Ralph (The Elongated Man) Dibny in a pre-“90’s JLA” time frame, so Ralph as no idea who Booster is. Fantastic dialog and interaction between the two characters, it proves very promising for the next few issues. The issue ends in a big “what the…?” moment, but that’s bound to happen given this is part 1 of 4. I look forward to the rest.

As far as mainstream comics go, this title is very pre-teen friendly!

Issue Grade: B+

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