Who I Think Should Be Thor!

Who I Think Should Be Thor!

A search for Marvel’s Thor is underway, one of the big questions that has been posed is, “Who should play the viking warrior prince?” Names get tossed around and thrown away like used facial tissue while everyone and their geeky uncle spouts their opinion. My uncles have to interest in comic book movies, so that leaves the task to me and me alone.

Given the wealth of national and inter-national actors, there are a number of people who, I’m guessing, could fit the role of a Norse god. I’m sorry to state the Daniel Craig is not amongst those counted. Sure he’s an awesome James Bond, but I like my Thor’s a bit taller and vikingish. At one time I would have thrown my support behind the talented Vladimir Kulich of 13th Warrior fame. If Hollywood would have caught this guy in his prime he would have been a great Thor. As of now he’s 52 and I don’t think Mavel Films will peg a franchise on him. As it stands, I think he would make a great Hogun or Heimdall!

My friends and I have had a few debates on who should fill Thor’s knee high boots, but are often stumped because there are not many actors out there we see that can fit the bill. Well, I saw one last night. I’ve become a fan of the new HBO vampire series Tru Blood. I’ve never read any of the Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris. But if their half as compelling as the show I will be adding them to my summer reading list. In this story is a character by the name of Eric Northman, a very old vampire who was turned when we was a viking. The character is played by Alexander Skarsgård (pictured left) and episode that aired on November 2nd, 2008 show, who I think, should be cast as the mighty Thor.

We haven’t seen much of Alexander’s work on Tru Blood. We’ve seen him brooding and speaking a few lines in a couple of episodes, but in the episode titled “Plaisir D’Amour” Alexander was able to show some of his acting chops. In playing Eric Nothman, Alexander shows that he can have a commanding presence amongst, what we are supposed to view as, normal folk. He has the physical presence needed to play a thunder god and can pull off a royal attitude that Thor tends to tout. Alexander can also be seen in another HBO series “Generation Kill”. A very solid series about the current war in the Middle East.

*Also, check out Clancey Brown in Pathfinder for a picture perfect Odin!*


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