Green Lantern Corps #30

Green Lantern Corps #30 ( DC / Tomasi / Gleason / Buchman )

“The War of Light continues! In part 2 of “The Sins of the Star Sapphire,” the Guardians journey on a diplomatic mission to convince the Zamorans to halt their tampering with the violet light. What will the Guardians do when they discover the Zamorans are attempting to “cure” Sinestro Corps members by infusing them with love?”

Honestly, they could have titled this issue “Heightened Tensions” because that what this was about. A team of lanterns and a few guardians make the trip to Zamora to basically threaten them to stop making rings and using the violet light of love. Yeah, that went over well. It read a lot like what would happen of America took a tour of China’s military bases and told them to stop producing tanks, guns, and soldiers. It would all be very polite verbiage with deadly undertones. This piece of the book is a great set-up in what will be the War of Light leading to the Darkest Night.

The other half of the book deals with a Sinestro Corps member who’s just down right icky. She kills GL’s and then takes their children. Why do all the members of the Sinestro Corps need to be so twisted and perverse? I understand the “great fear” thing, but it just seems like DC crosses over into the down right disturbed a whole lot with this crew. The situation with the baby stealer leads the Guardians to make yet another rule in the Book of Oa. Which by-the-way, isn’t this book supposed to billions of years old and hardley ever re-written. Now days it seems like the guardians edit this thing on a daily basis. The rule is that members of the Green Lantern Coprs may not fraternize, marry, or fall in love. So cops can’t date other cops. In the history of the universe, when has it ever been a good idea to tell people who than can and can’t date?

Grade: B

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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