Ultimate Origins #5

Ultimate Origins #5 (of 5) (Marvel – Bendis / Guice / Ponsor)

It all comes together in this climactic issue as we follow the twisted paths of Bruce Banner and Nick Fury as they approach their destinies. And at last–the Watchers speak! And what they have to say about the uncertain future of the Ultimate Universe is utterly terrifying. You must not miss this one!

The Ultimate Universe… the more things change, the more they stay the same!

Here it is, another Ultimate series that promised to be big, nay to be Gigantic! And it is to change how you viewed these characters forever!  You, as a comic book fan, cannot live without this industry-shifting series from megastar Brian Michael Bendis… you remember Ultimate Ga-Lac-Tus? yea, it’s sort of like that!  All promise, very little follow-through!

Here’s the skinny quick enough… all of the major players in the Ultimate Universe are linked to Weapon X, where they created the first mutant… Nick Fury, Cap, Xavier, Magneto, Banner, Logan, Pym, Stark, Richards, Storm, Parker are all connected.  Bendis weaves this hard-to-believe flow chart of how all of these characters and storyline were forged from one singular idea.  Yes, I’m sure this is what Bendis though of when he first re-imagined Peter Parker in Ultimate Spider-man in 2000.

Now, understand I have enjoyed some pieces of the Ultimate books, the origin Ultimates series is one of the best ever, and all of the Ultimate series have had some great runs… but this weakly linked series of random events is not one of them.  Five issues of history and intrigue around the Watchers concludes in what?  Ultimate Rick Jones… give me a stinking break!

Man, I hope Ultimatum is better than this!

Issue Grade: C+

Series Grade: C

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:16 pm

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