Smallville 8.7 “Identity” Lowdown

Smallville 8.7 “Identity”

JIMMY TAKES A PICTURE OF CLARK SAVING LOIS — Jimmy (Aaron Ashmore) snaps a picture of Clark (Tom Welling) super-speeding to save Lois (Erica Durance) from a mugger and manages to catch a red and blue blur on film.  Jimmy shows it to Tess (Cassidy Freeman) who decides to run it on the front page of the Daily Planet.  Clark fears his identity will be discovered so he asks Chloe (Allison Mack) to run interference with Jimmy, but she refuses.  Justin Hartley and Sam Witwer also star.  Mairzee Almas directed the episode written by Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer”

This episode was all about character development and big story progression.  There was a krypto-villain of the week, but the only reason he was there, that I can tell, was to get to the last scene of the show where something HUGE happens.

Here’s the Lowdown.

-Jimmy recruits Lois on his “Good Samaritan” story

– Lois and Jimmy get mugged and Clark saves the day, but Jimmy gets a blurred picture of Clark at super-speed.

– Clark is told to write a story to go with Jimmy’s picture, but he’s not too happy about it.

– Enter the krypto-villain of the week in Sebastian Cain, who can steel memories from people.

– Chloe tells Clark that maybe it’s time to let his secret out through the use of an alias.

– Clark actually breaks into the Talon loft to steal Jimmy’s research on the Samaritan when he’s caught by Lois. A few lies later and Lois asks Clark to zip up her dress where Clark gets a peek at a black bra and a lower back, which he likes.  We see later in the episode that Lois didn’t mind so much either.

– Jimmy shows up at the farm to show Clark his research (nice scene of Clark hiding all his red and blue clothes, which is pretty much all of them) when Jimmy sees an old family pic of the Kent family.  Jimmy has a Tim Drake moment and puts it all together.  Smallville has its own Samaritan when Clark and Chloe were in high school, then the Samaritan moved to Metroplois when they did.  Gold star to Jimmy! Jimmy comes straight out an accuses Clark of being the Samaritan.

– Jimmy confronts Chloe on Clark’s secret and she flat out lies to him, and he knows it.

– Clark calls in Ollie, who is doing his best Tony Stark impression, to help him with a plan to throw Jimmy off Clark’s sent.

– Lame date scene with Lois and Sebastian.

– From the Flash drive she stole from Tess Mercer, Lois knows that Sebastian was in Black Creek and what he can do.

– Chloe, Clark, and Ollie devise a scheme to throw Jimmy off but the plan goes afoul when Lois calls for help because her date has pulled a gun on her and taken her hostage.

– Even though the plan didn’t work, Jimmy still got into trouble but Ollie was there to save the day.

– Jimmy and Clark, who gets back in time, to see Ollie doing the hero pose atop a building, cape blowing in the wind.

– Clark sees that the people do need a hero.

The Wrap-Up

– Jimmy gets his story

– Lois vows to be the first reporter to ever get an exclusive with “The Good Samaritan”

– Clark stops wearing red&blue all the time (about time!) and tells Ollie and he sees that he can be more than a hero, he can be a symbol of hope.


Grade: B+

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