Smallville 8.3 “Instinct”

Smallville 8.3 “Instinct”

In the attempt to move into the broader geek spectrum, ThePullbox is going to start covering a few TV shows. Eric already has his start on HEROES and now I’m starting on Smallville.

Smallville is a show that I started watching back in 2000 when the prospect of a young Superman show was ultra intriguing. I followed the adventures of Clark, Lana, Lex, Sam, and Chloe until about season 4 when I was just sick the the “Krypto Villain of the Week” concept, the cardboard acting of Kristin Kreuk and the overall story arc that moved at a snails pace. So I stopped watching for a few seasons. I would still check out an episode here and there, but it didn’t seem that I was missing much. Then something happened, the newly formed CW started bringing in other characters from the DCU and began drawing more parallels to the Superman mythos, and I became interested again. The formation of the Justice League, the introduction of Martian Manhunter, and progression of the storyline baited me back in to watching. Now we’re at season 8 with new show runners and I am full on hooked again. I hope that this rekindled relationship with Smallville will leave me the warm feelings and good times.

Now for the Smallville Lowdown on “Instinct”

– Tess “Mercy” Mercer is researching a Kryptonian crystal that she activiates and a big blue light blasts through the top of Luthor Mansion.

– Following the big blue becon, Maxima shows up in Metropolis wearing her best in the Victoria’s Sectret alien collection.

– Maxima kisses some random dude and kills him. It’s okay, he seemed to be a giant d-bag.

– Clark is still living at the farm?

– Jimmy has moved in with Chloe and Lois…still at the Talon

– Jimmy is a huge ABBA fan

– After a lover’s tiff, Jimmy goes clubbing and gets picked up by Maxima. He gets a big Maxima smooch and almost dies. Clark for the save!

– Chloe not only knows all things Terrin, but alien too. Just another gift from her encounter with Brianiac.

– Lois catches Clark and Maxima in a lip lock. Maxima resents Lois because she senses a strong connection between Lois and Clark. One they don’t even realise yet.

– Clark discovers that Tess has a crystal from his homeworld.

– Clark sends Maxima back to Almerac, I’m sure to return at a later date.

– Tess tells Chloe the crystal was stolen but soon gets a message stating “You are not ready – X”. Is that Lex? Could be!!!

Next week Lois and Clark will be at the hands of a SAW like villian.

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