Booster Gold #13

Booster Gold #13 (DC – Remender / Batista / Gray / Olliffe / Ordway)

When Booster Gold’s ancestor mistakenly captures a strange-looking starfish for his would-be girlfriend, all hell breaks loose! After being possessed by Starro the Conqueror, a Time Master travels through history spreading body-snatching clones in order to take over Earth one era at a time! Can Booster save humanity from an invading alien force?

Booster Gold, while I was impressed with how much more I liked it than I thought I would, has still found itself getting lower and lower on my favorite list and I was ready to cut it off completely… especially with a Starro storyline, far and away my least favorite classic DC villain. But then I saw it… “written by Rick Remender”

Remender brings his hustle-bustle, action-driven pulpish plot, that has driven the series Fear Agent, to Booster Gold. And I think, while not a home-run, it is at least a ground-rule double. And at the very least, enough for me to get it next month to see where this is going. Rip Hunter is possessed by Starro and then drops the starfish antagonist all over history. Time-locked heroes never stood a chance as Starro conquers all.  As usual, from both Remender and Booster, the examples are over the top… Mount Rushmore now has four starfished-presidents on it, talkshows are filled with five-pronged faces, all are minions to the Great and Mighty Ophiuroidea… yes we get it, Starro won.

But did he? Well, this cliffhanger ending with all of history conquered and Booster being thrown into a lake of starfish seems like it is. But fans of Remender are used to this “no-win”, deathtrap “same bat-time, same bat-channel, see you next week” serial ending. We know the next issue that will open up with some way for the Booster to escape… and we love it all the same. 🙂 The art is solid, but isn’t necessarily standout.

Issue Grade: B

I’m betting on Rick’s upcoming series Legion of the Supernatural from IDW

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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