Ultimate X-Men / Fantastic Four Annual #1

Ultimate X-Men / Fantastic Four Annual #1 (Marvel – Coleite / Pokaski / Panosian / Brooks / Miki)

Who can stop the future X-Men from killing today’s Fantastic Four? Who else…the future Fantastic Four! Witness the revelations that have torn this young family of adventurers apart. And this is only the beginning as Ultimatum changes the very landscape of the Ultimate Universe!

Let’s be honest, the track record for Ultimate Annuals has been weak at best and the Ultimate books recently haven’t been the bright and shining stars they once were. But it would seem that writers Aron E. Coleite and Joe Pokaski are trying to turn that record around!

At first I thought it was just a wrap-around X-men vs FF cover, and then I really started to look at it and wonder if this was like Ultimate X-Factor or something. Right away, we get introduced to some alternative versions of some very familiar characters. This group of X-men from 20 years into a dark future was a great hook, it got me into the book and got me pumped for the March on Ultimatum event (not to mention reminded me of a Heroes subplot).

First you have the Captain, who is Scott Summers that has taken over the mantle of Captain America. Kitty Pryde who has Spider-man’s web shooters. Phoenix who is really Franklin Richards plus Logan and Rogue. This band of X-men travel to past to destroy the linchpin that created their dark world… Reed Richards, of course! The end of the book we get a look at the future Fantastic Four, also some great surprises. The story continues in the Fantastic Four / X-men Annual which comes out in two weeks (and we wonder why some distributors got confused with the issues). Hands down, I enjoyed the story, any chance these writers might take over the regular UFF book? The art by Dan Panosian and Mark Brooks is also very solid.

Issue grade: A-

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:16 pm

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