Booster Gold #12

Booster Gold #12 (DC – Dixon / Jurgens / Rapmund)

Guest writer Chuck Dixon goes back to the future and brings our heroes into the past for “Vicious Cycle” Part 2. When Booster’s attempts to right a wrong from Batman’s early days goes horribly wrong, he must look to the newest member of his Time Masters team to set things straight.

Vicious Cycle is right!  I enjoy contradicting timeloops as much as the next guy, but Chuck Dixon writes a story that would make Dr. Who blink in confusion.  First Booster goes back as Killer Moth, then as Batman, then his sister takes Batgirl’s place, then Booster dresses as Elvis and steals the Batmobile… nope, not making it up.

Gotham City’s timeline is torn asunder as one eventful night replays over and over as Booster tries to get it right.  This crazy confusing story, while bizarre, is drawn perfectly by the Jurgens / Rapmund team. Besides the art, the only thing that really stands out in the issue is a surprise cameo by Ralph Dibny and the fate of a not-so-obscure ancient dagger.  I hope the next storyline, which involves Starro attacking all over the DCU timeline simultaneously is a little bit better than this.

Issue Grade: C+

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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