Wolverine #68

Wolverine #68 (Marvel – Millar / McNiven / Vines / Hollowell)

“OLD MAN LOGAN” Part 3 of 8, 50 years after the super heroes died, WOLVERINE and the blind archer, HAWKEYE, continue their journey across a ruined America. Next stop: Cedar City, Utah—home of the man who killed Magneto: the all-new, all-different KINGPIN! And he isn’t about to let Logan and Hawkeye pass without paying the toll… Plus: the secret of Hawkeye’s daughter is revealed! The biggest WOLVERINE story of the century by the best-selling creative team of the millennium continues!

In a current Marvel comicscape filled with Final Crisis, Spider-man sagas, and more mutant cross-overs than you can name, Mark Millar continues to bring one of the most refreshing storylines around. And also one of the most memorable “dark future” tales in quite a while.

This issue didn’t get Hawkeye and Logan any further in their “job”, but we do get to meet Hawkeye’s daughter Ashley. Ashley is also the granddaughter of Peter Parker, that makes Clint Peter’s ex-son-in-law… hmmmmmm… Millar certainly likes to shake things up. We have seen the spider-man / Hawkeye connection, Hammer Falls, Ultron 8 as a surrogate father, and the inbred red-neck grandchildren of Banner (in a recent interview with Wizard, Millar hinted at the  Hulk / She-Hulk hook-up).  Logan and Hawkeye certainly are able to save Ashley, but does she want to be saved?  Perhaps the legacy of her heritage isn’t enough to keep her from straying to the dark side.   After reading this issue, you’ll see that Anakin Skywalker has nothing on Clint’s daughter.

Mark Millar tells a wonderfully dark tale and I am loving the art by McNiven.  I only wish there would have been more story movement or more back story given in this issue.

Series Grade: A

Issue Grade: B+

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