Secret Invasion #5

Secret Invasion #5 (of eight) (Marvel – Bendis / Yu / Morales / Martin)

Embrace change. With these two words the Skrull Empire declares their intentions to the entire Marvel Universe.
Embrace change. With these two words thousands and thousands of comic fans who have declared Secret Invasion the comic book blockbuster of the summer brace themselves for the shocking changes that are about to happen to their favorite characters and institutions. Embrace change, True Believer, because change is coming!

Well, there is no doubt in my mind, Secret Invasion is a whole lot more enjoyable than Final Crisis… at least right now.

This issue we get to see what the Skrulls have in mind and their first moments claiming world domination. But we can’t count our heroes out, Maria Hill and Reed Richards both make strategic and devastating efforts to fight back. We get quite a few great moments in issue #5, the true Skrulls in the Savage Lands are revealed… Clint is not happy. This was reminiscent of the end of Identity Crisis #1 when Ralph turns around and demands to see Dr. Light. The Skrull have dominated the world media, interesting montage for the readers here… we all knew Oprah, Steve Jobs and Tom Cruise were aliens, but John McCain? 🙂 And of course the return of Nick Fury!

I got to be honest, after World War Hulk and the eternity that was Civil War, I didn’t think Marvel could pull it out… but Secret Invasion is the real deal. Solid story from Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Yu provides exactly the right art (think-lined and sketchy angular) for this tale of deception of paranoia.

Issue Grade: A-

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:16 pm

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