Hulk #5

Hulk #5 ( Marvel / Lobe / McGuinness / Vines )

Superstars JEPH LOEB & ED MCGUINNESS continue their historic epic! With the entire West Coast in peril, who can stop the battle of the Century when Two, count ’em TWO Hulks, get to brawling? How about everyone’s favorite Thunder God — THE MIGHTY THOR!? He was out of town during WORLD WAR HULK — THIS is the match-up you’ve been DEMANDING! But can even a God stop the Red Hulk? Find out now!!!”

I so want to like this book, but after 5 issues my interest is starting to wain. The red Hulk faces Thor in this issue and we see Thor get a beat down. WHAT!?!? I understand that this red Hulk is a tough cookie, but he takes out Thor like he’s a D-level meta. So either Mr. Lobe did put much thought into the fight (which I know can’t be the case) or this red Hulk is now the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe. If the latter is true, then where the hell is everybody? Get the Sentry and every other Marvel hero over here to take this dork out. Or better yet, where are all the Marvel villains wanting to get this guy on their side?

The other idea is that this issue is supposed to show us just how powerful and smart this new Hulk is, which is what I thought they’ve been establishing for the past 4 issues. I guess $12 wasn’t enough to pay for that message. I’m hoping my $15 is, because if this lack of forward keeps up, I’ll be giving my $3 a month of some other book. Which would suck because that means Skaar and Hulk both suck and I won’t be getting any fix of the green Goliath each month.

Grade: C

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:16 pm

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