Holy Bat-Mite… it’s Bat-News!

There have been some interesting things happening to the Dark Knight lately. On the lighter side, he gives a friendly smile and a pep talk to Booster Gold of all people, as he reveals that he knew that Booster tried to save Barbara from the Joker during Geoff Johns re-telling of The Killing Joke. On the darker side, you have the bizarre happenings to bats in both Batman RIP and Final Crisis. The Wayne legacy is being trashed, information has emerged as to why Alfred has always been paternal towards Bruce, Thomas Wayne is possibly faking his own death, Bruce’s sub-conscious has created a new personality (the Batman of Zur-En Arrh), there is a conspiracy of bad guys and the return of Bat-Mite! And if all of this isn’t enough, Grant Morrison promises that this will tie-in to Darkseid ruling the Earth. I can’t remember when Batman had a worse time (except possibly when being played by Val Kilmer).

Well, here is the newest info on what is coming up for a post-RIP-Crisis Batman.

  • Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert will join up for a two-part “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?” An obvious homage to Alan Moore, but is this the end of the modern-age Batman?
  • Kevin Smith will be writing Batman: Cacophany, a 3-part series that will feature the villain from his Green Arrow run, Onomatopoeia… so it will be late and re-hashed… yea fun!
  • Denny O’Neil will be returning to Batman after the RIP storyline is done.
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Updated: August 26, 2008 — 2:18 pm

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