Green Lantern Corps #27

Green Lantern Corps #27 ( DC / Tomasi / Ross / Laguna )

“Witness the grand opening of the new Warriors bar! Then, meet a mysterious new Lantern by the name of Saarek,who can hear the dead. What brings him to Oa – and why are the dead growing restless?”

In just about every issue of Green Lantern Corps (GLC) you can expect something cool, funny, intriguing, and down right disgusting. The touch of comedy comes from the grand opening of the New Warrirors bar/restaurant and the issues that brings up. You’ve got thousands of intergalactic police and Guy Gardner insists that his place only serve American cuisine. He soon discovers that it’s pretty difficult for five armed alien to grill a decent burger.

I’m kind of hoping Guy recruits of short order diner cook from The Bronx to move to Oa and be his head cook. Load of comedy potential there. The cool comes in the form of lantern Saarek who can commune with the dead. I’m thinking this is going to be huge as we get closer and closer to the Darkest Night / War of the Rings as we’ve seen that the black rings bring back he dead. Intrigue comes during the clean up at Warriors bar when Guy finds a napkin sketch that’s a little more than disturbing (Drawn by Kyle?).

Finally the disgusting, rain of eyeballs. Nuff said.

Grade: B+

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Updated: August 20, 2008 — 11:35 am

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