ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction #1

ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction #1 (of 6) (Red 5 – Grevioux / Borges / Krodos / Reyes / Rivera)

With public patience for Middle East casualties wearing thin, the U.S. military adopts a new weapon… zombies. Air-dropped into hot zones, the walking dead indiscriminately infect everyone. Engineered to dissolve at daybreak, they create a safe combatant-free zone. What could go wrong? From the creator the of UNDERWORLD movie franchise.

Red 5 pulls out another series worth looking at. While the zombie starting point might seem a bit over-used these days, Kevin Grevioux makes the reader take a second look.

ZMD opens up with the juxtapositioning of watching several congressional board members assure the media that there are no secret forces in Iran with the reader watching the new bio-weapon fall from the sky into the Iranian desert.  Very nice set-up.

While enjoyable, the issue itself ran pretty quick.  We get the intro that the government is now reanimating bodies to create disposable soldiers that can a beating and keep on going.  From a certain “Solvent Green” point of view, it makes sense… they are already dead and it saves lives of soldiers… and they have build into these zombie-fodder a “photonecrosis” trigger that makes the zombie disintegrate with sunlight, the plan certainly seems like a winner.  But like the tagline says, no, nothing could go wrong with this plan. 🙂  And in this case, of course it does… one of the zombies, in fact “Zombie Zero” (I’m assuming the one who can make more zombies) hasn’t figured out he is supposed to be dust at dawn.  Ooops!

This fun story is supported by some great art, nice and clear, allowing a full range of storytelling from emotional facial features during a heavy discussion to some great action panels and splash pages.

Issue one is still at your comics shops (Diamond Code: MAY084097) and this might be worth getting in on the ground floor of… film rights were just sold, check this out!

Red 5 still has me in their fanclub!

Issue Grade: A

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Updated: July 22, 2008 — 3:51 pm

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