WWC: Mythril Merchants

When ever The Pullbox goes to conventions, we try to find those vendors that are stand outs and doing something beyond what everyone else is. This year at Wizard World Chicago, we came across Mythril Merchants. Mythril is based out of Tampa Florida and just started up in January of this year. They design and create one-of-kind costumes specifically with the geek / gamer in mind. They go out of their way to find individual materials for their work, even if that means using discontinued fabric and trim. All of their costumes are unique, guaranteed to never be duplicated. Nothing comes out of a pattern book. They are willing to do custom work to fit the specs of your character’s design whether you are an onliner or old school dice RPGer. They have done costumes for D&D, WOW and Everquest.

Their work covers more than just gamers though; they do period pieces of all kinds and settings. They had just fitted someone for a Roman outfit that morning. Going alone with their clothing, they all have a large selection of hand crafted jewelry and rings. Once again, everything is individually designed and uniquely designed to round out your outfit.

Mythril Merchants’s booth had a huge amount of traffic all weekend at WWC and they could fit everyone from small children to someone like me (Wisconsinite big man) right off the rack. If you are someone who gets into renaissance fairs, cosplay, LARPs… or dang it, you just like to dress up. Mythril are people who should be on your contact list. You can e-mail them at mythrilmerchants@yahoo.com

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Updated: July 11, 2008 — 3:22 pm

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