Bad Burrito #1

Bad Burrito #1 (Webb Comics – Wilson / Stoops)

The bad burrito was created at one of the many comic shows that we attended. Overtaken by boredom, exhaustion,and a wicked bad case of indigestion, Matt Wilson, (our writer) doodled what would be our first take on this heat and eat cartoon treat of a character. Refried by our artist (Tracy Stoops), our zero turned hero has found his way into a few mischievous mishaps that we have collected here for you. We hope you enjoy!

I will give this team a gold star for creativity. Mix bad ingredients, a trapped spirit and a bolt of lightning hitting a dirty microwave and you get the Bad Buritto. Not a bad beginning, but then it goes down from there. BB takes out evil versions of Mr. Peanut, the drive-in concession ads and the Hostess Gang. And as a bonus there is a Cops spoof with a really messed-up Trix Rabbit. This was funny in that “middle-school cafeteria how far can I shoot this peanut out of my nose?” way. Not unlike a SNL skit that is funny for exactly 1 minute 25 seconds, the 24 pages of Bad Buritto ran too long. $3 for 24 black and white sketchy pages… I don’t think so.

Grade: D

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Updated: July 2, 2008 — 7:49 pm

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