WWC: Ultimate Universe Panel

On Friday afternoon at Wizard World, the Marvel: Ultimate Universe Panel met.

“It’s all connected, that’s the secret!” Brian Michael Bendis and Ultimate line editor Bill Rosemann reveal HOW the Ultimate Universe has been connected since the beginning…and why that means this is the END of the Universe as we know it…and no one will feel fine when it’s done.

The panel consisted of Brian Michael Bendis, C.B. Cebulski and others.

Here are the highlights…

  • Ultimate Spider-man will not be canceled…
  • But there will be major changes in cast and direction
  • The Ultimate Universe is not an alternate universe and not part of a multi-verse
  • The Ultimate Universe is an interpretation of the MU, according to Bendis, very much like the Harry Potter movies are an interpretation of the books, but book Snape and Movie Snape cannot meet or cross-over
  • The Ultimate Spider-Man Annual coming up in October will be double size and will deal with the physical relationship between Peter and Mary Jane
  • The Ultimate Team-up books are not canon
  • Ultimate Origins covers in order starting with #2 will be Cap (above), Magneto and then the Hulk
  • Ultimate Origins will be connecting the origins of Captain America and Nick Fury in Issue #2 and then will move on to the connection between the origins of Spider-Man and the Hulk later in the series
  • The theme of the history time line of the Ultimate Universe revolves around chasing the Super-Soldier Formula
  • Ultimate Beetle (Bendis said he was sweet!)
  • Ultimate Watcher
  • The upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man arc is tied to flashbacks that relate to the Ultimate Spider-Man Video game…
  • This flashback will include the return of Gwen Stacy and Carnage… and then it will be the last symbiote story for a long while… it will also involve the Ultimates (Ultimates 2 version)
  • Ultimatum will impact all four monthly books
  • The Ultimate Universes original title was the Ground Zero Universe, but that was changed due to 9/11
  • Before filming the Iron Man movie, Jon Favreau brought in the Marvel creators to make sure the story was on target
  • Bendis actually wrote the Nick Fury cameo in the movie (he had written many versions – and the final was chosen by Favreau)
  • Upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man plots in the next year will involve some new original villains (not present in the main MU) and some updated stories from the 60’s cartoon
  • Characters from Ultimate Adventures will not be seen again, most likely
  • Ultimate Daredevil and Elektra will be seen in Ultimate Spider-Man
  • The upcoming Ultimates Annual will have Princess Power and deal with some fallout from Ultimate Power
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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:13 pm

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