The Last Defenders #4

The Last Defenders #4 (of 6) (Marvel – Casey / Muniz / Smith / Jimenez)

After leading a rogue Defenders team into battle, Nighthawk comes face to face with Tony Stark and Henry Gyrich – and…well…they’re not called the LAST Defenders for nothing! But can the Defenders get it in gear for one last battle as the mysterious Yandroth makes his move? And what roles do KRANG and the SON OF SATAN play in the Defenders ultimate chapter?

Hmmmmmm… Tony Stark handpicks Nighthawk to lead the New Jersey Initiative team, made up of independent-minded, authority-bucking characters… and it all goes up in flames, go figure! Four issues into this and it’s evident that Stark meant for this to fail and blow-up in Nighthawk’s face. Two questions remain: Is it Tony Stark or the Skrull that set this up? (and I guess that doesn’t really matter for this series) and Is Tony and the rest of SHIELD aware of the cosmic need and structure of the Defenders?

That’s right you heard me, apparently the Defenders are a cosmic constant and are needed (flashback: The Secret Defenders from the ’90s) for a “balance”. While we watch in the fore-story Kyle Richmond (Nighthawk) struggle to keep his dignity about him while failing mission after mission, quite a bit is happening in the background. The Son of Satan is trying to bring himself off the D-list by visiting some of the Defender alumni, like Hellcat straight from her bizarre Marvel Comics Presents storyline. The Avengers shut down some Initiative rejects (can you say Paladin?). And the enigmatic Yandroth continues his tirade on how controlling the Defenders will allow him to control history. To the left here is a sneak peak at Issue #6. Is this the New Defenders? Krang? She-Hulk? Son of Satan? This looks like it might be interesting.

There is nothing wrong with the art and the only hiccup with the story is that this yet again an example of Marvel taking a 4-issue story and making it six.

Issue Grade: B-

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:13 pm

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