She-Hulk #29

She-Hulk #29 (Marvel – David / Semeiks / Avalon / Sharpe)

This is it, the return of…the Savage She-Hulk?! Three months ago, Jennifer Walters – known throughout her career in the Marvel Universe as a high-profile lawyer – was disbarred. But why? Who engineered the scandal that resulted in our heroine losing the one thing that has defined her for so long? Time to answer all the questions…as a controversial side of the jade giantess erupts once again!

See, I knew if we waited long enough we would have a Peter David She-hulk story worthy of Peter David!

Due to a shipping glitch my local store got this one two weeks late, but the upside is that I don’t have to wait a whole month for the next ish.  The story of how Jenn gets disbarred and ended up in jail is laid out for the reader… and it’s a good one, much better than I expected!  I was a little worried that Shulkie was not going to be able to be saved from the last several months of lame blah, blah, blah… self-pity and irritating villains only go so far in a plot-line.  But starting with the last issue and continuing through this month, it looks likes Peter David might return Jennifer Walters to her rightful place as one of the leading ladies of the Marvel Universe, and not just comic relief.

Issue Grade: B (and rising)

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:13 pm

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