Lazerman #1 & 2

Lazerman #1 & 2 (HB Comics – Hebert / Hebert / Boland)

Comic book geek Alex Sanders is learning the hard way that starting your first day of college does not always mean you get to escape your troubles from high school…but a visit to a local laser show will change his life forever when a bizarre accident grants him super-powers just like in his comic books…is he ready to become a hero…and more importantly, is the world ready…for LAZERMAN

Armed with his new super powers, Alex is more than ready to introduce the world to LAZERMAN…but he may soon discover that being a hero might not be as easy as it is in his comic books. With the villain responsible for the accident that created him still on the loose, Lazerman might have to get the hang of the hero business, and fast…after all, no one ever said being a hero would be easy

Any fanboy reading Lazerman can tell that this book and character came out of a true love for comics. If you were reading these issues raw (without reading the author’s introduction) you might have the feeling that Alan Hebert is throwing at you “superhero” stereotypes that you have seen before, from the accidental origin and the fumbling beginnings to the splashy female interest to the well-meaning side-kick to the revenge-driven antagonist. But as you dig a little deeper below the surface, and really read some of the one-liners and “inside” jokes that are a constant in these books, you see that this is very much a tribute to the classic super-hero comic and not any sort of trite rip-off. And if you keep the book’s “homage” goal in mind, Lazerman becomes a very enjoyable book. The writing is very witty and downright hilarious at parts. While the art at times seems almost basic, the style goes back to supporting the idea of honoring the classic arch-type and getting the feel and look of it familiar to fans.

The boys from HB Comics were a fan favorite at Wizard World Philadelphia, where Lazerman #1 and #2 premiered. The buss about them was huge! But if you missed them there, you can always check out the HB Comics site or the Lazerblog on myspace.
I have no doubt, given the creativity and heart that you see coming from Lazerman, that in the not so distant future HB Comics will be bright shining stars on the independent comic stage.

Grade: B

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Updated: June 12, 2008 — 6:41 pm

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