Justice Society of America #16

Justice Society of America (DC – Johns / Ross / Eaglesham)

The beginning of the end of the ever-growing Justice Society starts with a new storyline! In the first chapter of “Gog,” meet Earth’s future savior — the one, true Gog — as he offers the Justice Society of America something many of the members can’t refuse. But the controversial goodwill threatens to splinter the team, and it’s up to Alan, Jay and Wildcat to hold it together.

You know, I almost dropped this book, the months of playing around and dragging out the Magog storyline was getting to me big time. I was ready for this to be my last issue… and then here comes Gog!

This complete and unexpected turnaround in plot has made me re-think my list changing plans and decided to keep this on for a while. Gog comes into the scene exactly the opposite of how Kingdom Come fans expected him to be… at least for now. Gog takes the poison out of the land, heals the sick, cures the disfigured (bonus for Damage) and is overall ready to be the benevolent supreme being. I wonder how Kingdom Come Supes is going to take this? DC has a mighty force in the Ross / Johns writing duo. Not only do they set-up a grand story, but their magic is the details… like the interaction between Mr. Terrific and Amazing Man, great stuff!

Issue Grade: A
Series Grade: B

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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