The War That Time Forgot #1

The War That Time Forgot #1 (of 12) (DC – Jones / Barrionuevo / Palmiotti)

A lone USAF pilot, about to warn his superiors of the attack on Pearl Harbor, finds his craft suddenly crash-landing on a mysterious island populated with prehistoric creatures and soldiers of wars of the past, present and future — including Tomahawk, Firehair, and Hans Von Hammer, the Enemy Ace! What bizarre force has compelled these military masters of every era to inhabit the same strange territory? Can they survive without killing each other or being devoured by dinosaurs? Don’t miss this incredible miniseries by the team of writer Bruce Jones (Hulk) artists Al Barrionuevo (DETECTIVE COMICS) and Jimmy Palmiotti and legendary cover artist Neal Adams (BATMAN)!

After reading the first issue, this seems like a pretty promising series, even though very little happened. Even though the word on the street is that this series does directly play into and is impacted from the Final Crisis, these characters are a nice a change of pace from the range of recent DC mini-series… no Challengers, no Superman-Prime and thankfully no “Olsenbug”. Any fan of DC’s “War heroes” books from years gone by should enjoy this mini, as our historical protagonists are trapped somewhere between “Lost” and “The Land of the Lost”. TWTTF has what can be a fun and enjoyable concept for readers, let’s hope that this creative team can bring about a more solid conclusion then let’s say Arena. As stated before, very little except set-up happened in issue one, but the art is great and the character interactions (what little of it there was) was good also. I truly can’t wait to see where Bruce Jones takes this.

Issue Grade: B

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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