NewUniversal: Shockfront #1

NewUniversal: Shockfront #1 (Marvel – Ellis / Kurth / Hennessy / Chuckry)

Initially, there were four: A Starbrand. A Nightmask. A Justice. A Cipher. They are manifestations of god-like power on Earth, chosen by the Universe. In the wake of the cosmic phenomenon that empowered them, they have been threatened, hunted, and attacked. And now, they’re about to discover that they’re not alone. Acclaimed writer WARREN ELLIS (THUNDERBOLTS) and artist STEVE KURTH (LAST OF THE MOHICANS) bring you the return of this new universe: one experiencing superhuman power for the first time.

NewUniversal is an anomaly, it’s one of those totally awesome books that only a select portion of the population will get. I’m guessing that the likelihood of you enjoying NewUniversal is in direct proportion to how much you enjoyed or know about Marvel’s New Universe from approximately twenty years ago.

This book is not only a gritty sci-fi book that has enough tension that it gives Battlestar Galactica a run for it’s money, but there is a mighty basket of Easter Eggs for us old-timers. Being a huge fan of the NewUniversal series, I waited in anticipation for Shockfront. But, I can understand how someone who is just picking up the book might have their head spinning form all the strange details, or at least understand that while they are reading it, that there’s an inside joke that they are not privy to. If you are one of these good-hearted readers and want to find out the original tales of Nightmask, Justice, Starbrand, etc. you should go find the back issues, according to recent price guides, you should still be able to find them in the quarter bin.

After the dismal Untold Tales of the New Universe books that came out last year, Ellis’s NewUniversal is a fantastic return to the old stomping grounds and probably ranks as pone of the best re-vamps ever! As a side-note, the return of Kicker’s Inc. That is sweet! I hope the Psi-Hawk is coming 🙂

Issue Grade: A

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:13 pm

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