Green Lantern Corps #24

Green Lantern Corps #24 ( DC – Tomasi / Gleason / Rollins)

As their quest to track down Sinestro Corps rings continues, the Green Lantern Corps discover to their horror that fellow Lanterns Sodam and Arisia have been captured by Mongul and subjected to the dreaded Black Mercy, causing their deadliest fears to be dragged into the light.

The DC tag line pretty much says it all. As Kyle and Guy show why their destined to do more great things for the Corps, Mongul sets plans in motion to take more of a foothold on the galaxy. We get a Mongul recap for new readers whom may not be aware that this is not the same Mongul from 20 years ago. One of the more interesting scenes is when we check up on the science cells on Oa and see the even while incarcerated, Sinestro is still very dangerous.

Grade: B+

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Updated: May 28, 2008 — 6:16 pm

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