Damned: Prodigal Sons #1

Damned: Prodigal Sons #1 (Oni Press – Bunn / Hurtt)

The start of an all new action-packed mini-series! Eddie has the unfortunate gift of never staying dead. It has come in handy as Eddie walks a tight line between different Prohibition-era mob families, between the demonic and the human, and between our world and the dark afterlife. Yet after years of playing every side in this world of crime and violence, there are those that are determined that Eddie stays dead this time around.

Poor Eddie, you would really think that whole “cheating death” thing would be better and easier deal than the one that Eddie got.

The collaboration machine of Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt is still able to give a perfect dark and gritty mobster landscape for this supernatural story to unfold. Prodigal Sons picks up where the original series left off and introduces Eddie’s brother. The readers get to have a little bit more back story as to what makes Eddie tick, and why he is the perfect protagonist for this tale. Even with major plot devices revolving around demons, dark magic and other icky things, the two co-authors give the story a lot of character depth which makes Damned much more an X-Files thriller-type story and less of a straight horror yarn. If you haven’t checked it out, you should soon!

Issue Grade: A-

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Updated: August 9, 2010 — 9:14 am

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