FX #2

FX #2 (IDW – Osborne / Byrne)

What’s worse than the strangest girl in your class finding out you’re a superhero? How about a monster who brings your worst fears to life? This action-packed second issue is brought to you by FX creator Wayne Osborne and legendary comics artist John Byrne.

This was definitely a letdown for me this week. I enjoyed issue #1 way more than I thought I would and issue #2 is about where I expected the first one to be. A book filled with “young superhero” stereotypes. FX is late for class because he stopped a monster bug army from taking over the city… which he gets no credit for and even gets criticized for. His good friend (aka “sidekick”) does nothing but jabber-jaw and his soon to be cute-but-socially-awkward girlfriend has telekinetic powers. Throw in there a few unexplained, seemingly-random inter-dimensional villains (some of which was some classic movie monsters straight out of The Monster Squad) and you have a book whose second issue kind of floundered. The art is some of the best stuff that John Byrne has done in the last ten years, I just wish it was attached to a more substantial story. Hope Issue three gets back to the “wonder” of the first issue and gets out of the rehashed plots.

Issue Grade: C

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Updated: April 15, 2008 — 10:28 am

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