Dave Stewart’s Zombie Broadway

DAVE STEWART’S ZOMBIE BROADWAY ( Virgin Comics / Harris / Schenley / Neogi )

In Zombie Broadway, the human population of Manhattan has been decimated to the point where the only survivors are a few unlucky civilians and a bunch of stuck-up Broadway elitists. The acting mayor (the others have been eaten or killed) of New York has convinced the President to try taming the Zombies through theater before the ultimate resolution of dropping a nuclear bomb on the city. The story of Zombie Broadway takes the form of an ensemble black comedy full of violence and humor.

RUN!! RUUUUUUNNNNN!! It’s hard to remember the last time I read a comic this bad. Virgin sells this comic with a line “From the creator of the Eurythmics”. I’m thinking Dave Stewart should stuck with 80’s music be and left to world of comics to the professionals.

First up is the story. It’s horrible! Scientists discover that if a zombie is sang to, they’re less likely to attack because music is hard wired into the human memory of a zombie, and music makes people happy. As the story progresses, Stewart takes a page from George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead by making almost all of the characters not likable. When characters get eaten, I didn’t feel bad. The dialog was poor and disjointed and didn’t flow at all. I really can’t find anything redeeming about this story at all.

On to the art…not much better. There are some panels where the art looks professional, but it mostly looks like guys in artist alley who are selling with Xeroxed comics for five bucks. Honestly, I’ve seen 8th graders note book doodles with more terrifying zombies.

Bottom line: Save your $4.99 + tax and buy something worth reading.

Grade: F

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Updated: April 30, 2008 — 7:53 pm

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