Avengers: Fairy Tales #2

Avengers: Fairy Tales #3 (of 4) (Marvel – Cebulski / Plati / Wendling)

The Avengers continue to assemble in Marvel Fairy Tales as we focus on the story of a robot who wants nothing more than to be a real boy! Brought to life by the kindly inventor Hank Pym, the Vision is ostracized by other boys his age. When the Scarlet Fairy reveals she can grant his wish to become an actual human boy, The Vision is sent on an extraordinary adventure of self-discovery where he meets an amazing cast of alternate Avengers!

This is the second part of a series of fractured fairy tales starring Marvel’s mightiest heroes.  The story was a well-constructed take off of Pinocchio.  And it faired much better than even some full blown animated flicks (anyone catch Pinocchio 3000?).  The art was a joy to look at, Nuno Plati does a marvelous job of giving the feel of a great old children’s book.  Where the book falls flat is in it’s targeting.  If this is targeted at children, then all of the nuances with Avengers history and cameos are lost.  And if it’s targeted at older comic fans (the ones in tune with the Pym / Ultron family issues)… well, it’s written like a children’s book and it would be tough for any fanboy, even an Avengers fanboy, to fork out $12 for this four issue series.  Even though I believe there is a lost audience here, it is still a pretty well-constructed issue.

Issue Grade: B

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:11 pm

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