The Megas #2

The Megas #2 ( Virgin Comics / Harrison / Rubin)

As Jack Madison continues to investigate the puzzling apparent suicide of a prominent Mega, he finds out more than he bargained for about the structure he’s always put his faith in. Meanwhile a visit from his girlfriend creates more problems than it solves and he’s left wondering if he can hold onto anything he holds dear.

Part two of John Mostow’s new comic where the first issue blew my away. This issue….meh, not so much. Many of the same players are present, but this issue was missing the sense of awe and wonder I found with the first issue. It wasn’t wholly un-enjoyable, just different. The affair that Jack is keeping with a Mega princess is intriguing, but is really just a few pages in the book. The scene where Jack chases the youth across busy city streets gave no sense of urgency at all. It very simply “was”…that’s it. The dialog was average and lacked the “pop” I felt in the first issue. Jack went from special agent to what seemed like a regular beat cop and just seemed to be bored. The art also looked a bit different. No longer the high quality that once thought it was, it have a very low budget/artist alley feel to it. Even to a point where I was looking at a panel and had no idea what I was supposed to be looking at. Granted it was during the bedroom science, but I’m pretty sure I can recognize all the right parts..and this wasn’t one of them.Overall, I was pretty disappointed in the second issue of a book I lauded so publicly (I told everyone to buy the first issue). I hope issue #3 can bring it back.

Issue Grade: C-

Series Grade: B-

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Updated: April 23, 2008 — 11:42 am

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