Thor #6

Thor #6 (Marvel / JMS / Copiel / Morales)

“Asgard stands once more. Thor has reclaimed his role as the God of Thunder, and key members of his Norse pantheon stand by his side. Now, the blockbuster first arc by fan-mega-favorites J. Michael Straczynski (SPIDER-MAN: ONE MORE DAY) and Olivier Coipel (HOUSE OF M) comes to an end. What will be the new status quo for the Odinson? Just be sure to get this one before it sells out like the rest!!”

Thor and friends have copped a squat in the middle of the United States of America….Kansas to be precise. That’s right, small town Kansas. It’s a truer rendition of Smallville than the show “Smallville”, as anyone who’s seen the CW’s “Smallville” can attest. And in this issue we get town’s reaction to having the hosts of Asgard as neighbors, the scene of the town meeting is quite entertaining. These stories lead us to a conversation between Thor and his human anchor, Dr. Don Blake. Thor is struggling with reviving all of the Norse gods, or just a select few whom he likes. This is an interesting problem Thor has. If he revives all of Asgard, the villains come with it, but Thor is more concerned with reviving his father, Odin, and starting the whole Ragnarök cycle again. In the end, Thor follows his heart.

JMS is telling a grand Thor story that is punctuated with pure entertainment. This is the best Thor I’ve read in past 10 years. Copiel’s art is a wonder to behold and catches fully the scale of Asgard. Put the two together and you have 100% fried gold.

Grade: A

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:11 pm

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